Vader Unboxed (Vader on Vacation Prequel – Unboxing the Costume)

Scum Hive proudly presents ‘Vader Unboxed,’ the prequel to our upcoming short adventure series, ‘Vader on Vacation.’ In this mini-sode, I get to finally unbox the Rubie’s Star Wars Supreme Edition Darth Vader costume I’d been waiting for.

Note, Parody Darth Vader is for a parody of the Disney and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Darth Vader character, to which they own all rights. I am merely a fan playing dress up as a parody.

Hopefully if I use the word parody enough there should be no consequences to this or any future short vids! So far Disney and Lucasfilm’s have been pretty tolerant of the fan vids posted using their characters.

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