Vader on Vacation Hits a Snag

Ahh, Turkish bureaucracy… Even Darth Vader is not immune to its barbs and snares.

Scum Hive has a wild idea to begin a short YouTube series entitled ‘Vader on Vacation,’ featuring our favorite Dark Lord banished to an imperial retreat to de-Sith and unwind. Naturally in order to make this happen we needed a Vader costume, and not just some cheap Halloween getup. No, we splurged on the Rubies Supreme Edition, which set us back around $600

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…plus another $170 for shipping to Turkey, and still another $150-ish for estimated import taxes.

 Amazon was going to handle it all…or so we thought. Alas, last night I got an email from UPS; it was all in Turkish, of course, as was the 3 page form they sent me. My wife glanced at it (an outcome I wasn’t looking forward to, since I hadn’t told her exactly what I’d bought, or how much it cost!). After a few minutes of debating the rationality of spending nearly a grand on a Darth Vader costume, she informed me that the item was stuck in Istanbul, awaiting either clearance or confiscation.

More to come once the dust settles and we get this form filled out and submitted to the proper authorities… but for now, this deal seems to be getting worse all the time…

Well, even George Lucas had to suffer his trials in order to get Star Wars filmed and out the door. So we see ourselves in good company!





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