Writing for Vocal & Jerrick Media? Yes Please!

Vocal Jerrick Media

Writing for Vocal & Jerrick Media So you have a question about writing for Vocal and Jerrick Media? You’re in the right place! Some of you may’ve read my posts for Jerrick Media’s OMNI, Geeks, Longevity, Potent, or Filthy…Well, now Jerrick just launched their new author platform for writers to sign up and submit articles. Anyone can sign up and submit directly. If their editors approve the submission then it gets posted and monetized. Jerrick Media / Vocal doesn’t pay upfront for articles (unless they hire you outside of the Vocal submission…

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My Geeks Article, ‘Where Would Darth Vader Go On Vacation’

I very excite! Geeks published my short article, Where Would Darth Vader Go on Vacation? which features Scum Hive’s infamous YouTube video, Vader on Vacation: The Parasail Menace! In case you missed the vid, it’s below…but check out the associated article over at Geeks, too, because it goes more in-depth about where Vader is and why… And here’s the link to my original Scum Hive article about it: VADER ON VACATION: THE PARASAIL MENACE Whilst you are over there at Geeks, I’ve got a few other articles up for them…

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OMNI Mag’s ‘Greatest Sci-Fi Antagonists!’

Not too long ago I had a chance to write a few book listicles for the online reboot of OMNI magazine. As a guy with an undergrad degree in History, I didn’t mind doing the research into those books; that comes with the territory when dealing with history, even literary history. And especially science fiction literary history! Because some of those books I had to summarize had highly complex plots, and it was my job to whittle it down to a bite-sized paragraph or two…without giving away any spoilers! Perhaps…

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