Welcome! Right now we’re still building the site (and I’m using the royal ‘we’ here), and it is not open for submissions at this time. 

When it is, we’ll put out a post…

Again, we are CLOSED for submissions at this time…

(DRAFT) Quick Overview of How It Works:


If we like your submission we’ll move fast.

We’ll take it, make any quick edits or formatting needed, and post it. Submission, therefore, means you’ve already agreed to any edits we need to make, and to whatever amount we decide to pay based on the edited version (probably .02 cents per word based on our EDITED final word count). That said, we prefer to not need to make any edits at all. If a piece needs much editing, we’ll simply pass on it.

We’ll only contact you to say thanks and to let you know how much we’re going to pay you…or to say thanks but let you know we’ve decided not to publish your piece.

We’ll pay you via Paypal based on the final edited word count, which is not negotiable.

Again, submission to us means you accept these conditions. We aren’t trying to be overly strict about it; it’s just a time management issue. We cannot afford a lot of back and forth emails. The whole transaction should consist of one email from you (the submission), and one email from us (acceptance or rejection). If we’ve accepted the submission, you’ll get a separate email from Paypal.

Okay that was the summary. Here are the details! 

  • Word count: 750 – 1000 words, unless stated otherwise
  • Pay scale: Low. We’re new and can only pay .02 cents per edited word, unless stated otherwise. ‘Per edited word’ means, if we need to edit the article down, we pay based on the word count of the final version, not the draft
  • Payment method: We can only pay via Paypal; please do not request other methods, we can’t support them
  • Rights: All submitted material remain under the ownership of the author. If we accept your submission for publication, we pay for 1st publication rights.
  • NO COPYRIGHTED OR PLAGIARIZED MATERIAL. We want original pieces, not spun content.
  • For articles: Include opening paragraph, 3 or 4 body paragraphs, and a short wrap-up paragraph (see example below)
  • For listicles: Include opening introductory paragraph; no wrap-up paragraph needed. Even item should begin with a catchy attention getter and should end with a fun or poignant point (see example below)
  • If you don’t have a finished article, but wish to pitch an idea, you can…but please be very brief, 200 words or less. The pitch should contain only your ideas; we don’t need to know your experience or publication history
  • Don’t send pics unless requested; pics must with copyright disclaimer (i.e. Courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilms)
  • Suggestion: type up your article in a document, then cut and paste it into your email
  • Do not use any indentions or tabs
  • Font: ARIEL
  • Font Size: 12
  • Paragraph Spacing Before and After: 0
  • Line Spacing: 0
  • No curse words or sexual innuendos
  • Article tone: Accurate, creative, thoughtful, insightful, and FUN!
  • Finally—to reiterate, sorry but we just don’t have the time for back and forth emails, so please ensure your piece is error-free and 100% ready for publication… AND include your name as you wish for it to appear, a short 2-3 sentence bio and a backlink, if you wish.

Thanks for all the reading; sorry it was long, but you know we want to create an efficient process.