Ray Kurzweil: Madman or Prophet of the Cyborg Age?

Ray Kurzweil isn’t a villain by any means…so what’s he doing on Scum Hive? Well, we also cover Monsters, Robots, and Freaks, remember? And while Kurzweil isn’t a robot just yet, he certainly intends to be. And we’ll all be tagging along!

At least that’s the theory, and an impressive one, it is. Show of hands who hasn’t heard of Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google, founded of multiple businesses, and author of several books on the future of technology and the advent of near-limitless life extension via seamless human-tech interface?


Ok, if you raised your hand–I’ll give you this one free pass, but that’s it. You need to get educated on who Kurzweil is, and what his vision of the future means for the rest of us. Why? Because this genius madman has decades-long track record of accurate predictions, and his biggest prediction has long been the looming Singularity…that point where technological advances increase so rapidly that we literally cannot keep up with them. Not in our current forms, that is. But luckily we won’t be in our current forms, nor will technology. It, and us, will be blended together, aiding one another as we rise together at exponential speed.

I’ll currently authoring an article for Longevity, which I’ll link to here.

Meantime, I encourage you to read up on Kurzweil at Amazon.com!

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