OMNI Mag’s ‘Greatest Sci-Fi Antagonists!’

Not too long ago I had a chance to write a few book listicles for the online reboot of OMNI magazine. As a guy with an undergrad degree in History, I didn’t mind doing the research into those books; that comes with the territory when dealing with history, even literary history. And especially science fiction literary history! Because some of those books I had to summarize had highly complex plots, and it was my job to whittle it down to a bite-sized paragraph or two…without giving away any spoilers!

Photo Credit: OMNI Media

Perhaps my favorite list was the one on antagonists. Everyone loves the bad guy; that’s the prime focus of this blog, in fact! (Scum Hive? You know, like from Mos Eisley?)

Figured I may as well share the link to that list, for fans of awesomely evil villains or just anyone who likes a good read! So, here ya go: OMNI Mag’s ‘Greatest Sci-Fi Antagonists’

If yoOMNI me1.JPGu want to check out my full list of articles for them, just see the Matt Cates Author page!

There is something for everyone! We got Greatest Sci-Fi Authors of All TimeMost Terrifying Sci-Fi Books (for you horror freaks–you know who you are!), and of course the opposite of the antagonist article, Greatest Sci-Fi Protagonists…and that’s just to name a few! So give ’em a shot! I really like the clean look of OMNI’s new site; it is uncluttered, seems to be ad-free at the moment, and has a lot of interesting articles by writers much better than myself!






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