Ignore Colin Kaepernick Today

Today of all days–September 11th, 2016–our national focus needs to be on those who matter, namely the persons who died during the attacks on us, the family and friends of the victims (who are victims themselves, too), and the personnel and agencies who were involved in the vast rescue and reconstruction efforts. It should also be firmly focused on the service members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, who keep our country protected from further attacks–sometimes through defense, sometimes by taking offensive measures.

One thing I personally would like to see is a total ignorance of Colin Kaepernick. Here at Scum Hive we like to focus on fictional bad guys, on literary villains, on movie antagonists. Some today are going to see what they perceive to be a real world villainous act by Kaepernick as he continues his act of refusing to stand for the national anthem.

As a veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq myself, let me say this: I do not agree with his logic or his actions, I do not support his decision to behave this way…but I also am tired of hearing about it. He is stealing away the focus. He’s attention-seeking.

Is he insulting the flag and anthem? Yes, big time!

Is it his right as a civilian to do so? Yes, of course. It wouldn’t be if he were a soldier, but he ain’t. He plays a game for a living. Zero responsibility.

But yep, he has a right to be a jerk. That is why America is America. We have that freedom of speech, we have the freedom (to an extent) to be insulting, to do things which others find offensive. That’s what he is doing, because (as I understand it) he is trying to make a point. He’s trying to steal the show. 

Just ignore it!

His opinion is his own. His right to do this is his right; nobody has to like it, but we don’t need to talk about it all day every time. All that does is inspire him and others to keep doing it! Don’t you see–he only wants to create a distraction! Just pay no attention, do not talk or complain about it, don’t Facebook it or Tweet it. What do you say? A total medial erasure of this person’s stunt.

I know lots of folks are doing viral videos, burning his shirts. Honestly some of these, I question the motives of, because they are making big money on these viral YouTube videos. But regardless, please, I know I am contributing by writing this right now, but only because I am asking folks to turn their backs and turn a blind eye to the antics. He isn’t worth it. He’s only exploiting his public figure/celebrity status…which we have given to him.

Today let us exercise our rights to blot him out of all social media and out of our discussions. We have other people to consider today, and I for one will be thinking of all of them.

Remember 9/11. Never forget. And never lose focus!


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