High Ranked Kindle Sci-Fi Book: Last Free Day!

Yesterday ‘Haveck: The First Transhuman‘ was the #1 Ranked Science Fiction novel on Amazon Kindle Store’s Sci-Fi free category! Today it is still up there, but slide a little bit… Too bad, because this is the last day of the FREE promotion period, so head on over to Amazon and grab one!

Obviously Scum Hive is a site which focuses on Aliens, Robots, Monsters & Villains–well, Haveck has a little bit of them all! Without going into spoilers, it features a slew of antagonists: mutated human, artificially-intelligent, and other-dimensional. It’s also got a cameo by Jack the Ripper and a few other historical fiends of ill repute… So give it a go! Why not? It’s free (through Sept 12th, 2016…after that it’s only a buck!).

Screenshot from Sept 10, 2016


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