Followership Lessons from Soundwave the Decepticon

Hey Scum fans, 

Check out my latest ode to villainy over at Geeks, where I sing praise to the mighty Decepticon comm officer Soundwave

One attribute I find most enduring about our sneaky tape-playing spybot is his loyalty. Unlike Starscream, Soundwave doesn’t spend his every waking moment trying to outwit his boss, Meagtron. On the contrary, Soundwave is content (I guess; he never displays any sort of external emotion…of any kind) to do his job and play the part of the good follower.

There is honor in that. As a 1 second Google search will say, “Followership refers to a role held by certain individuals in an organization, team, or group. Specifically, it is the capacity of an individual to actively follow a leader. Followership is the reciprocal social process of leadership.”

In other words, being a good follower is as important to a group as being a good leader. Soundwave understands this. Starscream, on the other hand, is always distracting their commander and muddling his mind, no doubt leading to errors. If Megatron only had a few more troops like Soundwave, perhaps those pesky Autobots would’ve bit the dust back on Cybertron oh so long ago…



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