Five Unsettling Considerations about the Original Star Wars Trilogy

One of the reasons we can continue to discuss Star Wars after all these years is—it is messy!

When George Lucas set out to create an entirely new universe, he made a world filled with used goods, foul deeds, and screwed up characters. The Star Wars universe, in other words, is a lot like our own! It isn’t ‘clean.’ There are tons of problems in it which Lucas doesn’t bother to come right out and overtly explain (well, some things he has, after decades of interviews).

Yet the Star Wars galaxy of fans has mined nearly every nugget of trivia from the original trilogy of films; there is no lack of informative facts to be found deeply weaved throughout the World Wide Web. Most of the flaws have received in-depth analysis. But let me clarify, there is a difference between an intentional ‘flaw,’ i.e. a problem which was built into the universe, such as, say, the sometimes controversial behavior of the Jedi Council, and an unintentional flaw which was a mistake in the screenwriting process. Most unintentional flaws receive ret-con revisions by fans who demand that there be no logic errors in the continuity of their beloved stories.

We’re not going to delve into those here; that rabbit hole’s too deep.

In fact, let’s not get tied up in filtering intentional versus unintentional; instead, we just want to present some unsettling considerations for your, uh, consideration…we just can’t promise you’ve never seen some of them before!

Obi-Wan & Yoda Turn a Blind Eye to Potential Incest

5) Obviously we were all retro-grossed out by the two incestuous, full-mouthed kisses Leia planted on her twin brother, Luke (the first in Episode IV, then again in V). But what’s perhaps more disturbing is, while they were as clueless as we were of the fact they were siblings, Yoda and Obi-Wan were not.

Don’t they keep their Force Vision on the twins all the time? (I just made that ‘Force Vision’ thing up; I don’t think it is officially named that).

Photo Credit: Disney/Lucasfilms

Yoda admitted in Empire Strikes Back that ‘This one a long time I have watched.’ And we know Obi-Wan, who spent the last couple decades on Tatooine specifically to keep tabs on Luke, must’ve at least felt a disturbance in the Force when the two started smooching.

So this begs the question—at what point would the last of the Jedi Council have intervened? Surely they would not have allowed Luke to boff his sister…a crime you could get disintegrated for in certain parts of the galaxy!

Rampant Slavery Everywhere (But Especially Among the Droids)

4) The droids are slaves. We all know that; it is all but spelled out. For us to recognize their slave status, we need only consider two points: whether or not they are sentient, and how they are treated in the films.

They’re certainly portrayed as sentient, and not just tools or walking computers. Throughout the series they are clearly shown to be self-aware and able to express emotion. They know fear and excitement. When they do good, they are recognized and praised; but they are also threatened and harassed, and at times even tortured (as in Episode VI). They’re kidnapped and traded, held with restraining bolts. And their kind are excluded from certain locales.

Photo Credit: Disney/Lucasfilms

But if we were to draw a comparison between the Galactic Empire and America during its era of slaveholding, then we should, in theory, be able to find at least one world where slavery isn’t allowed and droids are recognized as the sentient beings they are, beings who have inalienable rights. But such a place doesn’t exist! Nowhere in the galaxy is it shown or even hinted at that droids have a safe haven to flee to if only they could escape their ‘masters’ long enough. So either droids are built to perfectly emulate emotional behavior, even at times when they are along or only amongst other droids…or they are knowingly built to be cognizant creatures, enslaved at birth and kept ‘alive’ for as long as the serve a purpose.

“It’s People!” or Yes, the Ewoks Eat Human Beings

3) Ewoks eat people. That’s another one which didn’t try to slip under the radar but was in fact right up on the screen and in our faces! The scene where Luke, Han, and Chewie are tied up in roasting poles as the Ewoks fan the flames of their barbeque fire is, admittedly, played out comically. But the exact same scene could easily have been, and perhaps should’ve been, shown as a circumstance of pure horror! The boys were about to get stripped and cooked, possibly alive, then consumed in a feast by teddy bears.

Image Credit: Disney/Lucasfilms

C-3PO Has Been Psychologically Brutalized

2) C-3PO is so brainwashed he doesn’t know what to do with himself. His mind has been wiped at least once (at the end of the prequels), and he’s obviously a bundle of nerves due to years of psychological maltreatment. Ironically the Ewok feast of human flesh was in honor of C-3PO, one of the most used and abused droids shown in the series. Han Solo is constantly putting him down; he was blown to bits and reassembled with his head on backwards by a Wookie starship mechanic who, I’m sorry, must’ve known that he was doing it wrong (meaning he probably did it like that to be malicious). C-3PO had a perfect chance to let his ‘master’ and tormentors be put out of the picture at last, but dupe that he is, he instead assisted them in regaining their own freedom, so that they might, presumably, continue to suppress his. Perhaps he, like the other droids, suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, and has formed a sick bond with his captors.

Photo Credit: Disney/Lucasfilms

Han Solo: Worst Villainous Scum Ever!

1) For a smuggler, Han Solo seems incredibly naïve. Within moments of meeting Obi-Wan, the legendary Solo has agreed to take the retired Jedi master and his young charge rip-roaring across the galaxy for only a handful of credits, but with the dubious promise of 15,000 MORE upon arrival. This is coming, mind you, from a somewhat homeless-looking old man in tattered robes who is accompanied by a clearly dirt-poor moisture farmer’s kid. Where, one wonders, does Han think this duo is going to scrounge up 15,000 credits at the other end of their destination of Alderaan?

Photo Credit: Disney/Lucasfilms

And Han is banking on that money, too! He’s literally banking on it to save his hide from Jabba’s bounty hunters, one of which happens to stumble across him as soon as Obi-Wan and Co. leave. Han may shoot first, but otherwise he comes across as a pretty innocent character if he so easily trusts two strangers in Mos Eisley Cantina, a place hardly known for its above-board business dealings.

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Well, that’s it; 5 things to ponder and nit-pick for the week! We’ll have out another 5 soon, before tackling–the Prequels!! Meanwhile, if you enjoyed this little article, please consider subscribing to Scum Hive; we’re new and need the support!


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