Collider’s ‘Best Dr. Doom Moments!’

Scum Hive is sort of obsessed with villains (ya know, it’s like our thing) and when it comes to villains one of Marvel Comics’ best heavies is without a doubt Victor Von Doom, aka DOCTOR DOOM! (No, we are NOT talking about the Doom from the recent Fantastic Four flick; sorry, hate to dogpile on a movie already so awfully bashed, but…anyways, why are we talking about this?? Where was I?)

We do occasionally write our own articles here at our little online start-up, but sometimes you read a piece that there’s no reason trying to outdo. Hence we’d like to share the below link to Collider’s:

10 Best Doctor Doom Moments in Marvel Comics History

Illustration: Marvel Comics

It does our dark heart good to see such a fun long form article about our favorite Latvarian warlock-mad scientist! Head over and check it out, and if you just have to have more Doc Doom, give these books are gander on Amazon!


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