Batman Origins: The Dark Early Days of the Dark Knight

Batman Origins

When it comes to Batman origins, there has been a lot of retconning. Maybe TOO much! That’s why I say, keep it simple. Want to know the true about Batman’s early days, just look at the source material.

Batman wasn’t always the nice sweet guy you read about in today’s DC Comics. In his halcyon days, the dude was a stone cold killer! That’s right; Batman had no qualms erasing some faces if that’s what it took to close a case.

Excerpt from my article Top Ten Classic Comic Batman Trivia Tidbits, on Geeks.Media:

The political atmosphere of WWII impacted the tone of the Dark Knight’s early violent tales. Indeed Batman/Bruce Wayne was himself at war, but with the criminals of Gotham instead of Nazi Germany.

And never has there been a war without casualties, hence Batman’s early decision to apply lethal intent when necessary. As he infamously put it in Detective Comics #29, ‘YOUR CHOICE GENTLEMEN! TELL ME! OR I’LL KILL YOU!’  

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Batman Origins
Your choice, gentlemen. Tell me! or I’ll kill you!

Top Ten Classic Comic Batman Trivia Tidbits

Murderous intentions, red convertibles, gay myths, and criminal clowns… let’s learn about the early days of the Dark Knight!

Batman Origins
Batman origins – first appearance of the Joker

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