Most Underrated Science Fiction Movies You’ll Ever See

Doomsday movie lee ann liebenberg

What aret the Most Underrated Science Fiction Movies Ever? Or just bad flicks…? Are these films really underrated, or are they just bad flicks…? (Previously published on Everyone’s been to the classic Hollywood summer blockbusters; we’ve munched popcorn through the whole Terminator series, slurped over-iced $10 sodas throughout the Men In Black movies, cringed and laughed during Aliens, E.T., and Back to the Future. We’ve stood (for longer than we should have) in those opening day lines for all the Star Wars and Star Trek films. But some of these…

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Asimov Foundation Order of Reading: How to Read Asimov’s Foundation Series Correctly!

Asimov Foundation order

So you are finally ready to dig into Isaac Asimov, and you want to start with the Foundation series…but you need to know the best Asimov Foundation order of reading? Well, I’ve found the perfect guide for you, over at OMNI… it’ll give you the Asimov Foundation order as well as an incredibly in-depth overview of the whole series. There are spoilers, so you’ve been warned–but this article will certainly help you understand how to read Asimov’s Foundation series and it’ll give you a great insight into the Foundation series’…

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Writing for Vocal & Jerrick Media? Yes Please!

Vocal Jerrick Media

Writing for Vocal & Jerrick Media So you have a question about writing for Vocal and Jerrick Media? You’re in the right place! Some of you may’ve read my posts for Jerrick Media’s OMNI, Geeks, Longevity, Potent, or Filthy…Well, now Jerrick just launched their new author platform for writers to sign up and submit articles. Anyone can sign up and submit directly. If their editors approve the submission then it gets posted and monetized. Jerrick Media / Vocal doesn’t pay upfront for articles (unless they hire you outside of the Vocal submission…

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Pierce Brosnan as Cable in Deadpool 2?

Pierce Brosnan as Cable

Will Pierce Brosnan play Cable in Deadpool 2? That is the big question buzzing the fanboy sites right now, and it’s got me wondering, too. Is this real? Could this actually happen? Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me? As a huge James Bond fan, this is exciting news to think that the 90’s action star would make a comeback as the mutant Cable in the follow-up to Ryan Reynolds’ wildly successful film adaptation of the comic character Deadpool. Both Ryan Reynolds on Instagram and Hugh Jackman on Twitter, or Wolverine from the…

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Batman Origins: The Dark Early Days of the Dark Knight

Batman Origins When it comes to Batman origins, there has been a lot of retconning. Maybe TOO much! That’s why I say, keep it simple. Want to know the true about Batman’s early days, just look at the source material. Batman wasn’t always the nice sweet guy you read about in today’s DC Comics. In his halcyon days, the dude was a stone cold killer! That’s right; Batman had no qualms erasing some faces if that’s what it took to close a case. Excerpt from my article Top Ten Classic Comic…

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Greatest Science Fiction Protagonists and Antagonists

Not super long ago I wrote a couple long lists for OMNI, fleshing out their staff picks for Science Fiction’s Greatest Protagonists, and a separate list for Science Fiction’s Greatest Antagonists (that one was more fun to write for me!). Anyhow I thought the lists were worth a revisit here at Scum Hive. I’d posted links on Reddit (always a mistake), and suffice it to say there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. But I feel the OMNI staff did a helluva job. No list is comprehensive, and what…

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Followership Lessons from Soundwave the Decepticon

Hey Scum fans,  Check out my latest ode to villainy over at Geeks, where I sing praise to the mighty Decepticon comm officer Soundwave!  One attribute I find most enduring about our sneaky tape-playing spybot is his loyalty. Unlike Starscream, Soundwave doesn’t spend his every waking moment trying to outwit his boss, Meagtron. On the contrary, Soundwave is content (I guess; he never displays any sort of external emotion…of any kind) to do his job and play the part of the good follower. There is honor in that. As a…

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My Geeks Article, ‘Where Would Darth Vader Go On Vacation’

I very excite! Geeks published my short article, Where Would Darth Vader Go on Vacation? which features Scum Hive’s infamous YouTube video, Vader on Vacation: The Parasail Menace! In case you missed the vid, it’s below…but check out the associated article over at Geeks, too, because it goes more in-depth about where Vader is and why… And here’s the link to my original Scum Hive article about it: VADER ON VACATION: THE PARASAIL MENACE Whilst you are over there at Geeks, I’ve got a few other articles up for them…

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Who Is The Ghost Rider?

Ghost Rider is one of Marvel’s most mishandled heavy hitters. Certainly in their TOP 5 of all-time coolest looking characters on the comic page, the Ghost Rider has undergone several incarnations, from white-clad horse-riding gunslinger Carter Slade to Hell-struck stunt biker Johnny Blaze to fellow hothead Danny Ketch (Blaze’s lost kid brother) in 1990, followed by the Dodge Charger-driving Robbie Reyes in 2014. There is nothing wrong with any of these iterations; the problem is, which one should we recognize as Ghost Rider? If we ask, who is Superman, you…

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The Optimism of Villains

It began with Vader, 1977. I am there gawking, slack-jawed, at his shiny 6’8” robot/spaceman suit stretched over a 50’ drive-in theater screen. Little me and massive whatever-the-hell-he-is are bonding, alone on a multi-acre plot under the Oklahoma stars. The rest of the audience has vanished. My older brother Darrell and that Ford Ranchero of his, gone. When Lord Vader breathes, I stop. When he speaks, I listen. He wants something… Whoa! Are you seeing this? He’s lifting a guy in a white pee-pee helmet by the neck, he’s…hol-ey Sith!…

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