A Society for Scumbags 

I’d seen aliens before. They always cropped up on Star Trek reruns when I was a kid, fighting with my older brother over whose turn it was to watch what they wanted to watch.

Sexy green ladies. Scary floating bursts of conscious energy. Walking lizard things. Star Trek had it all…but rarely did they have it all at once!

Enter Star Wars, Episode IV. Up there on the big (really big) screen of the drive-in theater, up there were more aliens in a room than you’d seen on a whole season of Star Trek! And there weren’t any vague floating balls of light, nor tiny furry balls of…fur. No, these were full-on aliens, with bulbous-headed, crooked-necked, snaggle-toothed freaks! It was incredible! And then in walked some fair-haired moister farmer with his senior citizen patron and two undesirable droids in tow, gawking with the same level of astonishment as you, the viewer. Luke was you and you were Luke in that moment. No matter what race or gender you were a moment before—when Luke waltzed into the Mos Eisley Cantina, that ‘wretched hive of scum and villainy,’ don’t tell me you didn’t feel, even for a second, that sensation that it was YOU entering that dark lair filled with otherworldly creatures, that it was YOU looking around the room like a rube, in awe at all the variety of faces, wondering about the backstories of all these creepy space rogues gathered ‘round their glowing drinks and their long-fluted smoking pipes.

That’s the power of imagination; that is what George Lucas was able to tap into, to haul you right into his world, to make you forget where you were and instead come over to his place for a while. He sucked you in; somehow he sucked us all in, made us forget we were just watching a movie.

The problem is, we wanted to go back. We craze that experience, and it is hard to find. Nearly impossible. But some things get us there, or close. Other alien films, for example. Those are sometimes able to offer the fix we need. Not all the time, but sometimes. So what, then, is Scum Hive? Well, consider it looking through the window of the candy store. We can’t get you your fix. We’re not a replacement for that. But we can show you your addiction, we can show you you’re not alone in it. We can explore it with you, help you understand it better. Or, failing that, we can at least tease and tantalize you. Hey, sometimes a sci-fi addicts gotta take what they can get, right?